Lucid Motors partnered up with Mondlicht Studios at the beginning of 2020 for cgi and post-production. RAINER REBER was asked to take over a part of the Post.
all imagery © Lucid Motors
In March 2020, Lucid Motors and Mondlicht Studios partnered up to produce cgi stills and animations. We have been working on full cgi, post-production, photography retouching and a combination of all these services. This included all aspects, from exterior and interior imagery to technology, services and solutions. The extensive automotive experience of Mondlicht Studios' team made it easy for them to quickly become familiar with the Lucid Air and the brilliant technology of Lucid Motors.
Mondlicht Studios realized the visions and ideas of Lucid Motors, but they also have been part of conceptual work, look development and transforming communication demands by creating beautiful imagery.
For the production, the 3D software of choice has been Cinema 4D and Redshift from the start on both sides, which provided a bidirectional seamless and integrated production workflow. This created an agile environment that was essential for efficiency. The outstanding speed and quality of Redshift and the ease of use as well as the reliability of Cinema 4D have enabled both parties to produce fast and at the highest level.
For the whole team at Mondlicht Studios it has been a great experience to continuously work with Lucid Motors and we are proud to have earned the trust of Lucid Motors and contribute to the story of their success.